client commentary

"Steven and his assistant Adam shot our 12/3/16 Fall/Winter wedding at de Seversky mansion on Long Island. The photos captured the emotions we felt on that day: happiness, connectedness to our family and friends, confidence, pride, excitement, seriousness, and generosity, to name a few. Steven and Adam were easy to work with. They are dedicated to their work. They are passionate about what they do. Their energy level is unsurpassed. They worked non-stop throughout the entire wedding, capturing all of the big and little moments from that day, so that we could come away with an almost play-by-play documentation of the evening. Steven and Adam took beautifully posed photos as well as candids, that provided a thoughtful balance to their work. We appreciate the creativity of many of their shots, particularly the feeling of movement they are able to create. On an interpersonal level, Steven's very accessible and responsive. He is a thoughtful person. We appreciate how he touched our lives on this important day. Lastly, we loved the fact that Steven is a photojournalist, in addition to a wedding photographer, particularly that he has been a witness to and documentarian of war. This to us signifies that his work captures truth, not just glamour. For all of these reasons we were so happy to work with him and Adam on our wedding day!"

- Carolyn, Bride

"Steven and Adam were amazing to work with. They were professional, yet light hearted--they brought a positive energy to the wedding that even guests took note of. Steven coordinated with us well in advance to discuss our various preferences; he visited the venue in advance to look at lighting. On the big day, Steven confidently guided the party and framed shots carefully while maintaining a fun mood and deferring to requests. His passion and commitment were apparent. We were thrilled at how the photographs turned out--candid and beautifully captured. We can't thank Steven and Adam enough for their talent and hard work!"

- Laura, Bride

"Andy and I have been enjoying looking at the photos from Carolyn and Adam's wedding. As with the photos from Laura and Brendan's wedding day your incredible talent shines through. There are so many amazing shots that bring us back to those magical occasions and complete our recollections of the experience. You did an outstanding job of capturing the the venue, the event, the important moments, the people, personalities, feeling and mood of that afternoon and evening. We only wish we had another wedding to plan so that we could work with you again!"

- Barbara, Mother of the Brides.


You are amazing!!! Most people have to wait forever for the pictures and once again you have gone above and beyond. We are truly thankful.

These pictures are beautiful. We knew from our first meeting that we could trust your talent and vision and you proved time and again that we were right to do so. Every person we have spoken to about the wedding has commented on how great you and Adam were. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that you love your work and it truly shows in the pictures you took.

On a personal note, Dawn and I just want to say how thankful we are that you were willing to shoot our wedding. A man of your skill can be choosy about what work he takes on and we are so glad you chose to work with us. You are a wonderful human being, there is light that shines through you that simply cannot be faked. We are so grateful to have met you."

- Ryan, Groom

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