Our cameras lead the way as we wander the streets and green-spaces of New York. Directed by the light and an endless cast of characters, we'll take in some of the city's more notable landmarks on these 3-hour tour/workshops. Bring comfortable shoes, a camera and your questions as you explore NYC with international photojournalist and long-time Brooklyn resident, Steven Greaves.

Central Park: In this concrete jungle of 8.5 million people, Central Park is a place of rare tranquility. It is where New Yorkers come to watch the seasons pass.

West Village: Over the decades, 'The Village' has played host to intellectuals, revolutionaries and artists of all genres. In this creative cauldron, ideas continue to flourish and unique characters continue to gather.

Williamsburg: Explore the neighborhood where Brooklyn-cool was born.....and died.

Downtown: Downtown Manhattan is the gateway to much of the American narrative. Stories of Immigration, Capitalism and Conflict were indelibly penned in these neighborhoods.

DUMBO to Chinatown: Bridge the East River from DUMBO to Chinatown.

Midtown: In the canyons of Midtown lie some of New York's most iconic landmarks.

Cost: $80 per person.

Dates: Every Saturday and Sunday.

Contact me for details and enrollment.

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