Posted by steven greaves photography on March 14, 2010 · 

Throughout the project with Sudanese and Afghan asylum seekers in Calais, I have noticed the charity of others. From the elderly woman who, following her moral compass and flouting national laws, harbors female refugees to the young girl who ran from her father’s car with blankets for the Afghans, I am reminded that there are those who care. They are everyday people who, for reasons unknown, find the time, resources and humanity to give. They ask for nothing in return and seek not praise nor even a “thank you.” 

I am reminded of those that have helped me along my way. Friends (new and old) have given me safe harbor in apartments from London to Lisbon to Calais. They have fed me when hungry, driven me around their home towns and cities and have encouraged me to take a bath…..most times, I need one. Others have offered words of wisdom and encouragement along the way as desperate times set in. One continues to push the work along from his ivory tower… and one keeps my heart safe from the filth that I so often find myself mired in. To all of you, I owe a debt of gratitude. “Thank you!” You give me the strength, ability and desire to continue down this often-lonely road.

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